Crime and Safety

In July, 2013, jurisdiction of the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood was shifted from Police District 6 (downtown Denver) to Police District 1 (northwest Denver). District 6’s priorities were long dominated by the activity in and concerns of the Central Business District and Lo Do area, whereas District 1 is compromised of primarily residential, mixed-use neighborhoods like ours. Under District 1, we have enjoyed increased outreach and citizen engagement from officers at all levels of the department and increased funding for their focusing on our concerns. We’re lucky to have Commander Pazen looking out for La Alma-Lincoln Park.

Add these numbers to your speed dial:

  • For crimes in progress: 911
  • Non-emergency line (to request police to check out suspicious activity): 720-913-2000
  • Direct line to our police district (for general questions about safety and what’s going on in the neighborhood): 720-913-0400

Sites for checking crime statistics:

District 1 HQ
1311 W 46th Ave
Commander Advisory Group (for citizens) meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 6pm.

Commander Pazen
Office: 720-913-0523
Mobile: 720-6418629

Lieutenant in charge of Sector 2:
Lt. Ernest Martinez
Office: 720-913-0554
Mobile: 720-472-8100

Detective George Gray, Graffiti Unit
Office: 720-913-1343

Community Resource Officer:
Michael Clark
Office: 720-913-0453
Mobile: 303-927-8586

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