Free Gun Locks from DPD 1

Date posted: February 5, 2014

From Denver Police District 1:  In the interest of public safety, District 1 wishes to extend an offer to come to District 1 and pick up a FREE gunlock. We have approximately 150 guns locks available to give away on a first come- first served basis at NO charge.

Every year children are injured after they gain access to loaded and unsecured guns. In an effort to reduce the occurrence of these tragic accidents, Denver Police Department District 1 is asking that anyone in need of a gun lock to please stop by our clerks desk and ask for one in order to make your gun safe.

Instructions are included in the gunlock package describing how to secure weapons safely using the lock provided.

It should be noted that Denver Police Department does NOT take a specific stance on the gun control debate. We as a Department and as a District remain neutral and impartial on this issue. Our intention on providing these gunlocks is solely to help protect all of our community members.

Please stop by, pick up a gunlock, and check out our Crime Prevention Table that includes tips and suggestions on ways and means to help reduce and prevent crime.

1311 West 46th Ave (east of 46th & Pecos).

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