Good Neighbor Award

The La Alma-Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association (LPNA) believes “good neighbors equal a strong community”. LPNA’s Good Neighbor Awards recognize the ongoing efforts of those who live, work, or attend school in the La Alma-Lincoln Park neighborhood; who value the fair and equal treatment of others; and who are engaged in making this happen on a regular basis. The awards program identifies and honors individuals, organizations, and businesses in our community who are outstanding examples of “good neighbors” through their commitment to preserving and advancing community harmony, pride, and engagement and the quality of life in our neighborhood.

Examples of possible honorees include individuals, organizations, and businesses that have coordinated and planned picnics, festivals, or beautification events; promoted volunteerism and citizen engagement; created inclusive, welcoming environments; collaborated on art projects that celebrate diversity; tutored foreign-born Americans; sheltered the homeless; advocated for improvements in neighborhood social, economic, and physical features; established book club networks; or spoken out against injustice in our community.

The La Alma-Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association invites members of the wider La Alma-Lincoln Park community to nominate those individuals, organized groups, and businesses who meet the following criteria.

  • Creatively promote fair and equal treatment of all those who live in, work in, learn in, visit, and enjoy our community;
  • Contribute to the community beyond their own citizen responsibilities and beyond efforts for self-promotion;
  • Show extraordinary concern for the overall quality of life for the wider community;
  • Take a leadership role to solve problems or promote change, or creatively support those who do;
  • Encourage neighbors to participate in the life of the community for the benefit of all;
  • Overcome obstacles or take risks in the pursuit of creating and developing a stronger community;
  • Demonstrate results.

Up to five (5) nominees will be chosen and presented with the award at a yearly celebration.

The LPNA thanks the Citizens for Fair Ferndale organization for their guidance in setting up this program in our neighborhood. Our award program was built, modeled on their program.