Leave Your Porch Light on at Night

Date posted: March 5, 2014

Denver Police Department District 1 is asking us to leave our porch lights at night.

La Alma/Lincoln Park is notably dark from both helicopters and the street. DPD is working with Xcel to encourage them to install new lighting or increase wattage in our area. However, new lighting is both expensive to install and more energy efficient (which means Xcel won’t make money from them).

In the meantime, we can help out our neighborhood and the police by leaving our porch lights on at night. Most crimes are crimes of opportunity and most criminals avoid detection in darker surroundings. Criminals typically bypass well-lit homes in favor of darker homes that appear to be unoccupied. And studies have shown that increased lighting can decrease crime by 20%.

Leaving a standard, 60-watt, incandescent bulb on every night costs you only $1.75 a month.

Other safety tips:
* Consider motion detector lights in the back of your house and in the alley.
* If you discover a streetlight out, please report it via 311.
* Always be aware of your surroundings.
* Report suspicious activity. You are the eyes and ears of the community. Don’t share your neighborhood with criminals.
* When in doubt, call the police.

Crimes in progress: 911
Suspicious activity: 720-913-2000

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