LPNA Meeting 2017-01-25

Date posted: June 23, 2017

La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting took place at Greenlee Elementary School at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, January 25, 2017.

Attendee list: Available upon request.

DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT, written report by Officer Robert Gibbs, Robert.gibbs@denvergov.org

  • Officer Gibbs was not able to attended, but provided a written summary of recent activity in the neighborhood.
  • Several arrests associated with heroin dealing have been made recently. After extensive police work, arrests were made near Lincoln Park, on the 1300 block of Santa Fe, in the vicinity of McDonalds and Circle K, and along the Cherry Creek path.

LA ALMA REC CENTER YOUTH PROGRAMS – Adrienne Burton, Adrienne.burton@denvergov.org  Tiffany Tungate,  tiffiany.tungate@denvergov.org

  • Tiffany provided information about the My Denver Card – this card allows all Denver resident youth and DPS students to have access to Rec Centers and activities for youth throughout Denver.
  • The La Alma Rec Center has lots of after school programs for youth including:
    •  4H cooking
    • Drop-in acting
    • Drumming
    • Speak Up/Speak Out
    • Karate
    • Ping pong and basketball contests
    • Dart boards and air hockey
    • Science experiments
    • Hang out areas
    • Other youth sports.
  • The hours are 10am to 8pm weekdays and 10am to 2pm on Saturdays.
  • Youth activities are typically scheduled from 4pm to 6:30pm with free dinner also being provided.
  • Adrianne provided an update regarding the La Alma park playground. She reviewed details regarding development of the playground and the skate park.
  • Construction has started and they are hoping for completion by June, 2017.

DENVER HEALTH CONSTRUCTION UPDATE – Olga Garcia, Denver Health olga.garcia@dhha.org

  • Denver Heath is building a new administration building on the south side at 6th and Broadway. Current plans would have this complex opening by June 2017.
  • The current administration building on Bannock is scheduled for demolition.
  • She also provided information regarding multiple youth programs aimed at encouraging young people to enter the health services field.
  • Denver Health has 500 different types of job employing 7000 people.
  • Denver Health also has a commercial insurance arm that she encouraged neighbors to check into if they are in the market for health insurance.

SOCIAL CONSUMPTION (MJ) ADVISORY COMMITTEE – Aubrey Lavizzo, alavizzo@comcast.net

  • Aubrey is serving as one of two community members on the newly created Social Consumption Advisory Committee for marijuana.
  • Ballot Initiative 300 proposes a four year pilot program which would allow businesses to designate areas for marijuana consumption.  Restrictions would include:
    • alcohol use or service/liquor licenses would not be permitted in these areas
    • support from the neighborhood/community would be required
    • these businesses cannot be located within 1000 feet of a school
  • Venues expressing interest include yoga studios, art galleries and music venues.
  • He encouraged neighbors to please email him with any questions, concerns or comments regarding public consumption for marijuana
  • For more information, go to socialuse.org.

HISTORIC DENVER ACTION FUND COMMITTEE – Alyson Crabtree, lincolnparkneighbors@gmail.com

  • The committee is not in the fund raising phase. Approximately $4500 of the $6000 needed has been raised. If you are able, please go the website to add a donation to help us reach this goal.
  • Costs for the project are reduced by the use of prior research being made available to the project.
  • The goal is to be able to extend the area covered after the initial project is completed.
  • Consultants have been engaged, but volunteers are also being recruited to help reduce the cost of the project.
  • If you’re interested and/or able to assist with this project, please contact Alyson via the email address above.


  • Adrianne Magaña,  adriana.magana@denvergov.org from Councilman Lopez’s office provided an update
    • the First Mennonite Church members voted down the option of housing the homeless at their property
    • Monies have been earmarked for some upcoming maintenance and improvements for some of the alleys and sidewalks in this district.
    • Park planning is behind due to the need for an additional planner to be hired.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 6:30pm, at Greenlee Elementary School.

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