LPNA Minutes 2016-10-26

Date posted: June 20, 2017

La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting took place at Greenlee Elementary School at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2016.

Attendee list: Available upon request.

DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT, Officer Robert Gibbs, Robert.gibbs@denvergov.org

  • Thefts from cars and auto thefts continue to be a problem – please don’t leave anything in your car, even something you think no one would want.
  • Officer Gibbs addresses concerns regarding homeless camping and congregating in Lincoln Park. This has increased since the drug sweeps along Cherry Creek. Congregating during the day is not illegal and cannot be interrupted unless it is clear illegal activity, such as drug dealing, is occurring. The park is closed at 11pm so anyone in the park after that can be addressed by the police. If you see someone in the park after 11pm, call 911. The police will issue a citation.
  • Following up regarding a question about proper disposal of a used needle: the Environmental Quality Division suggests that persons scoop up any used needles they come upon with a shovel, dump it in a plastic bag and dispose of in a trash bin. If you see someone shooting up, please call 911. But, be aware that possession of needles in and of themselves is not illegal unless evidence confirms it contains controlled substances.
  • The Shot Spotter Program is up and running. Shot Spotters are devices that are capable of identifying and pinpointing gunshots within a set radius. This is a new program that’s being tested here. Officer Gibbs confirmed there are some of these devices in our neighborhood. Despite these devices, he asked that you still call 911 if you hear a gun shots.

GREENLEE ELEMENTARY UPDATE – Theo, the Dean of Culture at Greenlee

  • Greenlee’s primary initiative in culture is teaching children that “impossible” = “I’m possible.”
  • There are several different initiatives to empower and encourage the students. Each have different challenges and rewards for meeting their goals.
  • There are also service learning volunteer opportunities.
  • If you’re interested, please reach out to Greenlee’s Community Engagement Specialist, Kristen Collins at kristen_collins@dpsk12.org


  • Councilman Lopez joined us to answer questions regarding concerns about Lincoln Park and Sunken Gardens Park.
  • He started by encouraging neighbors to go to the parks and engage them with family activities.
  • Several neighbors offered ideas and suggestions for increasing park traffic and usability.
  • Councilman Lopez would love to see a significant redesign of the parks to increase usability by neighbors and reduce negative uses of the space.
  • To report any issues, please contact Councilman Lopez directly and cc. Mayor Hancock and the Park Ranger department using the following email addresses:


  • Chris Martinez invited neighbors to attend the “Cabinet in Community” gathering on Saturday, November 19th from 9am to 11am at Cole Elementary School. This event will include the following:
    • City Fair
    • Housing Resource Fair
    • Job Fair
    • Vehicle Safety Demonstration
    • Pet Adoption
    • Free Breakfast
  • He also encouraged participation in the upcoming public meetings for the 2017 GO Bond for Denver. Once every 10 years, the city issues bonds to address infrastructure issues around the city. If you’d like some of that money to go to improvements in the La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood, please attend and share your interests at one of the six upcoming public meetings. For more information, go to www.denvergov.org/2017GO Bond

CROSSROADS TREAMENT CENTERS – Addison McGill, Program Director, amcgill@crossroadstreatmentcenter.com

  • Crossroads will be opening an outpatient opioid additional treatment center at 1801 W 13th.
  • Crossroads has 13 treatment centers across the country. They indicated that Colorado is the 2nd worst state in the country for opioid abuse.
  • This program will be an outpatient, service first model strictly for opioid dependence treatment.


  • Rachel Ohene provided the group with an explanation of the Denver Sustainable Neighborhood Program and asked about interest for the neighborhood.
  • Twice a year, the City of Denver accepts two neighborhoods into the Sustainability program. This program gives the neighborhood access to grant funds for organizing sustainability projects.
  • Applications for the next round are due December 7th. If we’re selected, the city will host a meeting the kickoff the program in our neighborhood.
  • To maintain our membership in the program, we will need to hold a number of events and reach a number of goals to earn a certain level of point.
  • The neighborhood agreed that participation would be a positive thing for the neighborhood. Rachel agreed to spearhead the application process.

Next meeting: Wednesday  November 30, 2016, 6:30pm, at Greenlee Elementary School.

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