LPNA Minutes 2014-10-22

Date posted: November 17, 2014

Meeting took place at ArtStreet (1079 Osage) at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, October 22, 2014.

Attendee list: Available upon request.


  • City Council Budget – La Alma-Lincoln Park has been included in the proposed 2015 budget for residential trash service conversion from dumpsters to individual roll-out barrels. One final step – Monday Oct 27th 1 hour public hearing at city council 5:30, at end of agenda. There will be an opportunity to say a few comments about budget. Budget not finalized until City Council Members vote and approve of it. Hearing is for the entire 2015 budget. Denver Sheriff Reform will also be covered at the meeting.
  • Roll-out for new trash barrels, if budget is approved, will take place in summer 2015. Same pickup method as your current use: front –> front, alley –> alley. Notifications to be sent out the month, week, and day in advance of delivery. City Council is still tackling illegal dumping of large items, even in neighborhoods whose trash service ha already been converted.
  • Halo Camera – In the works…? Pazen is still working on this, how to fund issue. Suggestion to move one from Cherry Creek Path to the park (La Alma-Lincoln Park).


  • Design & Renovation Update. There was a delay in the bid process due to high demand (and thus higher costs) of local construction industry. EGTC adjusted its move-in requirement from January 15, 2015 to April 2015, which brought in more affordable estimates. Permitting process has been complete to begin construction. Building has been demo’d out.
  • EGTC wants to reconvene about art option for the building in Dec 2014..
  • Ready to move in completely in June 2015. Classes to begin in August 2015.
  • La Alma-Lincoln Scholarship will be created for our neighborhood residents. Susan Saukas is LA-LP contact to help set up scholarship criteria but we also need volunteers to sit on scholarship committee for this. Seeking input on how to sustain grant in future with fundraising via grants.
  • Long-term land use: EGTC has use of land for next 10 years. After EGTC building complete, rental property to built on north lot. Rental property 4-5 years out.


  • LA-LP area recently named  of 10 best neighborhoods in country, which speaks to what has transpired in last 40 years. La Voz – SF redevelpment article.
  • Denver’s oldest  neighborhood.
  • Santa Fe was once Jason Street
  • South SF Dr was considered the gateway to Denver.
  • Diverse ethnic mix – immigrants working on railroads
  • Westside Hustler Paper – Swedish immigrants eating pig ear sandwiches.
  • JC Penney, 3 grocery stores.
  • Segundas/Thrift Stores.
  • Three Theaters
  • 1960 – outward migration to suburbs, at this time area was 99% Latino.
  • Neighborhood now mixed again.
  • Mass vacancies did not happen until 1970’s.
  • NEWEDS started in 1979, combination for/nonprofit.
  • Goal to create an economic base in rural and urban areas and to revitalize SF Drive
  • History  – Middle income demographic displaced by Auraria/AHEC.
  • Originally 3 sites for campus, residents fought to not get it.
  • Did not want to lose middle income group, devastating effects upon neighborhood.
  • Wrote HUD grant for urban development action grant.
  • 13th & Speer site – development of condos and town homes, and the King Soopers store, which happens to be the busiest KS in the state.
  • Grocery stores were closing, neighborhood lucky to get store.
  • Turn around with UDAG grant – for brick and mortar improvements.
  • Westside Action Center and other action centers went out during Reagan Admin.
  • Similar to ICP.
  • Litmus test is success of brick n mortar projects.
  • Zocalo, newest development in LA-LPNA in 25 years, in 1979.
  • Plaza de Santa Fe, in 1984.
  • Grease Monkey, in 1986.
  • 733 Retail Center and Lot, in 1988.
  • Events in the community are key to bringing community together and outsiders to area.
  • Streetscaping in 1980’s – bump outs.
  • Block by block improvements.
  • BID coming now.
  • Will increase investment in community.
  • Goal to create catalytic projects that spur on other .
  • Villa de Barela & 910 arts – 2010.
  • Arts District – tried to start in 1990’s.
  • Took decades to get artists to move here and support structure,
  • Holistic approach adopted by NEWSED.
  • Housing, counseling, and 10m stimulus funds/grant to put foreclosed homes back on market.
  • NEWSED Programs
    • 24th year of civil rights awards
    • Cinco de Mayo
    • El Grito de la Independencia
    • Toque de Mexico, now run by Mexican Cultural Center
  • Upcoming Projects
    • AMICK building Renovation (to be converted into 91 residential units)
    • Affordable Housing = 60% : Market Rate = 40%
  • Questions from attendees.
    • La Alma – Lincoln Park included latino name in with lp. La Alma = the soul. Lincoln family donated land to city for the park.
    • Why are there no banks in neighborhood? Commercial Banks do not want to invest in the neighborhood. Southwest State bank = Local, Commercial – Vectra Bank. Banks simply do not want to come to area. Efforts made but not successful. Maybe with BID, NEWSED will continue to work on this issues. Main Key to get a bank on Santa Fe Drive.
    • Once a Mexican bakery where Ethiopian place is.


  • Yellow Jets btw 13/Colfax ave and Lipan & Mariposa. Removed yellow “jets” and added current public housing.
  • 2008 – CCoD identified 150 people to document history of neighborhood, Matt recognized.
  • M6 continuing to progress – laying foundation.
  • Started planning efforts for M7 (24 units + retail) & M8 (58 units). Both low income and market rate units
  • First steering committee last week.
  • Next steering committee meeting is Oct 29th, 5pm. Must join committee to attend.


  • Level of engagement is key to a vibrant community.
  • Created a program to highlight people in the neighborhood, people who contribute and make it a better place.
  • Nomination deadline is Jan 21. Award ceremony in March.
  • More information and nomination form here: http://www.lincolnparkneighborhood.org/good-neighbor-award/


  • Thursday, Nov 20th – Lincoln Park Lounge – 5:30pm
  • Friday, Dec 12th – Molecule Effect – 5:30pm
  • Events will be listed on Website, Next Door, and Facebook
  • Encourage neighbors to join Next Door and follow/like Facebook pages


  • Early Voting – 14th & Bannock.
  • Arts Street – Art for Ransom event.
  • Butterfly committee meeting Friday, 5:30pm at iSushi.
  • Check Facebook page for other neighborhood activities and events: https://www.facebook.com/lincolnparkneighborhood

NEXT MEETING: No November meeting. December meeting will be December 3, 2014 at 6:30 at ArtsStreet.

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