LPNA Minutes 2014-12-03

Date posted: December 5, 2014

Meeting took place at ArtStreet (1079 Osage) at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, December 3, 2014.

Attendee list: Available upon request.


  • Formal study of La Alma/Lincoln Park was not put in the 2015. Gordon does not know if was requested, as expected.
  • There is a budget of $400K for La Alma in 2015. P&R plans to upgrade south playground and pavilion and remove the volleyball pit and put in community garden.
    • Neighbors expressed frustration that they have not been consulted as to their priorities for the park. The ballfield demolition and renovation happened without notice or consultation, as did the pool in recent years. Many don’t feel that new playground equipment is the best investment. And many were surprised that P&R plans to put in a community garden, seeing as how LPNA already explored that same option with Denver Urban Gardens in 2014 and found not enough community interest in it. We would expect less so now, with gardens having been added to the nearby Mariposa phases. Safety, environmental design in support of disrupting unlawful activity (such as redesign of seating areas), and the ability for many competing uses to share the space courteously were voiced as neighbor priorities.
    • Gordon Robertson suggested that $400K might be enough to do a smaller study as well as create the neighborhood-requested, circular walking path.
    • We have asked Gordon Robertson, instead of going ahead with their playground upgrade and community garden, to form a committee that includes at least two members from LPNA to review P&R priorities as well as neighborhood priorities and formulate a new plan for how to proceed with the $400K for 2015.
    • He agreed to at least 3 neighborhood engagement meetings, and that the re-planning could begin once the new Westside planner is hired.
  • New planner for the Westside starts in February. Final candidate interviews are being conducted now.
  • The renovation of the baseball field will be complete May 2015. It will look like the renovation in Sonny Lawson Park.
    • Neighbors expressed a desire for opening up a pedestrian path running E-W, adjacent the ball field, so that neighbors across Osage would no longer have their direct access blocked. However, John Martinez seemed unwilling to consider it, insisting the city is short of lighted, regulation baseball fields and they can’t spare any space in the footprint of field at all.
  • All scheduling of fields and registration for activities is now handled through an on-line service called Active Net: https://activenet018.active.com/denver/
    • Epilogue: Alyson tested this site today and found it has privacy/security issues and RSS feed bugs. The content is there, but infrastructure appears incomplete.
  • Neighbors requested extended evening hours.
    • John Martinez replied that no rec center hours will be extended possibly 2016, after they have gathered a year of usage data using their new online registration site. However, hours could be shifted such that, say, the rec center is open later in the evenings in exchange for closing at other times. He would however need to see a letter-writing campaign from neighbors in support of that.
    • Dave Keough will look at creating a neighborhood survey or petition to investigate support for this change.



  • Program has been around since 2006.
  • Their job includes enforcing and changing visitor behavior, including writing up infractions for civil and minor crimes.
  • They are at La Alma/Lincoln Park at least 1ce a day.
  • Attention to parks is prioritized by complaints. (So, if you see something that you want enforced, please call it in.)
  • Current focus: Alcohol consumption from 4:30 PM to sunset, and teens smoking pot in the park before school.
  • To report an issue, call 311 and/or email park.ranger@denvergov.org.


  • Sports complex (between 13th & Colfax, just west of tracks) expected to be completed February 1.
  • Denver Parks & Rec will start using it in April.
  • It is available for use by outside groups.
  • Walking path circles the park and is always open, except for south section, which cuts through the complex and is locked during off hours.
  • More info on MSU Athletics at http://gometrostate.com/


  • Foundation has been laid for Phase 6 (SE corner of 11th & Osage) and the construction will be going vertical soon.
  • Phases 7 (townhouses between 6 and the Buckhorn) and 8 (townhouses and condos on 9th between Navajo and Mariposa) are in the design phases. Feedback thus far includes concern that all of 7 is to be public housing, which undermines one of the goal of integration so that no one can point to a single area and label it public housing. They are looking at ways to shuffle the tax credits and funding sources in order to move more public-designated units to Phase 8 so that both phases will be integrated.
  • 3 familes remain in the “bookends”: 1 in the north (SW corner of Mariposa & 11th), and 2 in the south (where Phase 8 will go). They will have moved within the next 15 days. Asbestos abatement for these will start in January and full demolition will take place in the 1st quarter.
  • The north bookend will be made available for sale to private developer. It will come with affordable housing restrictions on the development.


  • Adopt a Bridge Project family: Members voted to adopt a family from the Bridge Project, pending Alyson’s investigation into necessary budget estimates. Board will make final decision based on available funds.


  • Good Neighbor Award: Recognition program for neighbors that you think improve the fabric of the neighborhood. Nominations are open until January 21st. Awards ceremony in late February. Nominate here: http://www.lincolnparkneighborhood.org/good-neighbor-award/
  • The old Nate’s Crown Liquor building (1131 Santa Fe) has been purchased by Jim Schneck and a partner. Jim owns a rental property at 12th & Mariposa, as well as other properties in Denver. They plan to rent it out to a business. Their preference is a food business or perhaps an existing Santa Fe Drive business that is looking for more space. They expect to have a tenant secured within 90 days.

NEXT MEETING: January 28, 2014 at 6:30 PM at ArtsStreet (1079 Osage).

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