LPNA Minutes 2015-01-28

Date posted: February 8, 2015

Meeting took place at ArtStreet (1079 Osage) at 6:30 PM on Thursday, January 28, 2015.

Attendee list: Available upon request.

AMANDA SANDOVAL, Aide to Councilwoman Judy Montero

  • Judy Montero has reached her term limits.
  • After redistricting in May 2015, La Alma-Lincoln Park to move out of District 9 and become part of District 3 along with Sun Valley neighborhood.
  • Judy is  currently identifying important projects to carry forward by the new councilperson.
  • Amanda is working with a writer to create a legacy project reflecting on work completed by Judy during her 12-year run. District 9 represents 36 years of Latino legacy in Denver. Currently Judy’s office has a document with list of accomplishments. Seeking feedback from the community on what has been left off accomplishments list. Anticipating a March completion date.
  • Judy’s file and legacy project will be archived at the Denver Public Library and the Corky Gonzales branch once the archive is complete, and it will be accessible online. This archive will also serve as a way to hold future councilperson accountable.
  • In March, Judy is going to attend all neighborhood meetings.

ROBIN KNEICH, City Councilwoman At Large

  • Attorney by training. Is 1st out city council member, part of the LGBT community.
  • Position elected by citizens, same as other councilperson positions. At-Large councilperson has equal vote in all city matters. Can sway change, add extra support to issues, and can be called if your district councilperson is overwhelmed or needs backup. The At-Large always circles back with main district office to prevent duplicating work. Can also be consulted about contentious issues in paper or social media.
  • At-Large can spend more time to focus on big picture ideas/projects.
  • Recent work: Ordinance to allow resident to sell produce grown in personal gardens. Working with big housing developers to include more low income housing units in projects. Her work was instrumental in the passing of 2A in 2012, which was included tax packages for seniors, increasing budgets for Denver Public Library and Denver Public Schools.
  • Currently chairing the Finance Committee for the City Council. Belief that our City budget is a reflection of our collective values i.e. focus on increasing number of kids after school programs, increasing local amenities such as La Alma Pool. Main goal is to keep budget on track with projections while seeking to fund important projects in all neighborhoods. Recently this was aiming to fund Pedestrian and Bicycle projects.
  • Recognizes need to hire more Denver Police Department officers.
  • Robin is up for re-election, so is other At Large Councilwoman Debbie. Currently there are 4 challengers for the Two At Large positions. On ballot, voters can vote for one or two At Large. Two top are elected, no runoff election. Those on ballot can debate. No debates are currently scheduled
  • All voting in next voting cycle with occur by mail. Every Denver resident will automatically will receive ballot in mail. A few vote centers will offer in-person voting. Voting is key to exercising choice and that you care and pay attention to key city matters. In upcoming voting cycle Mayor Hancock has no opponent, which will result in less media coverage.
  • What’s important to look for in an at-large delegate? Knowledge of city, awareness of inner workings, knowledge by experience, ability to talk to people at their level, communication savvy, working hard
  • Robin Kneich’s campaign page: http://www.kniechforcouncil.com.
  • Question: What is CC doing with police issues? City Council cannot provide oversight of Denver Police Department. Robin has pushed for money to hire independent auditors. Councilman Lopez pushing for auditors to receive internal DPD Statistics. Goal is to empower and fund the auditors office. Councilman Lopez and Councilman Ron have been pushing for Denver Sheriff reforms. Would like for LPNA to have more impact in this area. Education in this matter can go both ways. Understand how Denver Police Department put lives on line and how they can improve when put into difficult situations (reference to young woman getting shot and killed by DPD in past week). One aim is to hire more educated and experienced police officers. When racial bias is in community and will also exist in police department. Too many young people of color have struggled with DPD culture and vice versa.
  • Residents are encouraged to signup for her newsletter: https://www.denvergov.org/district12/DenverCouncilDistrict12/tabid/444049/Default.aspx

APA GREAT PLACES AWARD, Karen Good, Denver Public Works

  • APA reached out to her for Denver nominations. She picked La Alma/Lincoln Park because of RTD stations, Mariposa DHA project, current neighborhood plan, La Alma Recreation Center Outdoor Pool, 11th Ave opening street from Kalamath to Lipan, restoration of Neighborhood House, transformation of neighborhood relationship with Auraria, overcoming socio-economic barriers to give resident beneficial reasons to go onto Auraria Campus, presence of Santa Fe Arts District, proximity to education and downtown.
  • She wrote nomination based on her ethnographic research. Went on bike rides to speak to local resident and taking pictures for project. Spoke with resident on Elati St about neighborhood told story of her grandfather working for the City of Denver as street sweeper on Santa Fe Drive. Resident entire family raised in LA-LP.
  • Month later received notice neighborhood was a finalist then an awardee.
  • Significance of this special recognition: Only 10 neighborhoods across country receive this a year. Diversity of neighborhood is key. Affordability is key. Recognition if the challenges that we have faced and overcome.
  • Award will rotate locations: Byers Library, Santa Fe Arts District, Denver Housing Authority, NEWSED, Inner City Parish, Denver Health, Rec Center?
  • Question: How to celebrate on a larger scale? Ideas from audience: billboard, butterfly walk signs, vinyl banners on Santa Fe Drive, at neighborhood BBQ, on LPNA website/Facebook. How can we market effectively? Banner on website, get local partners to highlight award. Will discuss ideas at the next meeting


  • Redevelopment of 1201 Osage St building will house their Vocational Training, Continuing Education, and Professional Development Programs. Completion date of building is up in air: potentially Late Summer / Early fall.
  • Staff, faculty, and students will park in lot west of building and on temporary lot on land north of campus on Osage St.
  • 120th anniversary of EGTC is in 2016, will celebrate with many events.
  • Welcome celebration in the works for 1201 Osage Bldg. Offer tours of campus with LPNA and to residents.
  • Looking for feedback on other programs they should consider.
  • EGTC will participate in next LPNA party in park this coming summer.
  • EGTC Community Outreach Coordinator has spoke with neighboring Colorado High School to coordinate programming/outreach.

DENVER 311, Nick Scheidegger

  • Milestone: 311 has taken over four million calls
  • Launch of PocketGov.com (responsive web app). Replaces the “Ask Denver” smartphone apps. Residents create a profile, and every time you log in you can follow along with what you report. Improvements and requests will be added as they addressed from users. Features: city can communicate with residents; users can retrieve info on properties, contact City Representatives, see Waste Services Schedule, B-Cycle locations in your area, and report or request problem or service. Futures: Will eventually let you pay Parking Tickets and file taxes with app. No car sharing program info yet. Looking for feedback from users. Development team will improve and fix as problems identified
  • Invitation to come and visit PocketGov team in Wellington Webb Building. Located in short side of building. Give tours, et cetera.
  • Bilingual support: Possibly future for pocketgov.com. When calling 311, translators are available and can translate 183 languages.

BUTTERFLY WALK PROJECT UPDATE, Saniego Sanchez and others

  • Project moving forward. Will consist of 6-8 informational nodes spread out through the park with aim to activate underused areas. Informational nodes will highlight butterflies native to Colorado and history of LA-LP neighborhood. Culmination will be art installation on East side of La Alma Recreation Center
  • Seeking local organizations to Adopt-a-Butterfly.
  • LPNA will be working with Byers Library on February 20th as part of their “Connecting Vecinos” Program. Program will consist of a presentation on butterflies life cycle, participants painting butterflies for temporary art installation in Lincoln Park. Seeking volunteers from the community: Adam Martin interested.


  • Mariposa Phase 6 (SE corner of 11th & Osage) progressing. Currently building stair cores and elevator cores. Behind schedule due to weather related issues. In February contractor will be framing floors. Next few months will be the walls, et cetera. Expected completion by end of November 2015. Building is a wrap design. Parking lot will be hidden within, not visible from street.
  • Bookends (remaining building from old South Lincoln projects). Fencing has been put up around North and South bookends. Asbestos abatement going on in both bookends. 3-4 weeks of work total. Abatement crew will follow to demolish both bookends.
  • Mariposa 7 (Mariposa Phase 2 and Osage St and between Phase 6 and Buckhorn). Architect and general contractor have been selected. Ground work will start in Oct 2015. Currently working through process to get access to funds designated for site. Also working through final design plans. Concerns about stigmatization and concentration of poverty are being addressed regarding plan to make this phase 100% low-income units. Working through those concerns brought up by DHA and neighborhood committee to diversify this phase by swapping some low-income units with market-rate units planned in Phase 8. Goal is to mix 1/3 rent-subsidized & 1/3 tax credit & 1/3 market-rate units. Phase 7 is the primary challenge of DHA at the moment.
  • Retail spaces. No updates. From last meeting: Bike Depot planned for Phase 6, also possible yoga studio. All buildings are financially structured to not need retail units to be leased for building to be economically sustainable.
  • Empty lot on NE corner of 10th Ave and Mariposa St. Currently the trailers on site being utilized by Mile High Youth Corps, working on Habitat for Humanity building.


  • Last night was the Denver INC annual awards ceremony. Alyson Crabtree won an award as a Neighborhood Star for her work in La Alma/Lincoln Park.


  • Nomination deadline has arrived. Already have several nominations. Accepting nominations for another day.
  • Contributions to the community can have been on all sorts of levels or ways that someone has improved the fabic of the neighborhood. Nominees could have started a Playgroup, book club, be an advocate for residents. Website has a link to form for submissions.
  • Selection committee will meet and review nominations. LPNA boards will meet and plan event.


  • Membership available for residents, businesses, and organizations in neighborhood.
  • Gain voting rights in all issues.
  • Funds support LPNA programs, such as Summer Party in Park.

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 25, 2015 at Arts Street (1079 Osage).

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