LPNA Minutes 2015-02-25

Date posted: May 25, 2015

Meeting took place at ArtStreet (1079 Osage) at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, February 25, 2015.

Attendee list: Available upon request.

DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT, Alyson Crabtree passing along info from Office Denise Gomez (who couldn’t come due to weather)

  • La Alma/Lincoln Park has been getting lots of attention from the Community Resource team lately because we have been so vocal.
  • There have been many vehicle thefts (which is often correlated with our warming weather). 30 in our neighborhood in the last quarter. Thieves are targeting vehicles with valuables left inside.
  • Honda Civics have high value on the black market. If you have one, you can get a for free from DPD District One.
  • La Alma Rec Center is experiencing a high volume of illegal activity in/near the center. People come in, pretending to want to use the bathroom, and doing drug deals inside once in. DPD working with Rec Center staff to enforce a zero-tolerance policy for entrance of people without membership passes. Rec Center is also adding “No Trepassing” signs in the parking lot, which gives them the right to evict people from the parking lot, when needed. In addition to this stress, Rec Center management currently has staffing shortage (one person running two centers).
  • Denise Gomez has been working with businesses on Colfax to do “safety through environmental design” reviews and suggest ways to improve safety. Strip mall businesses discussing possibility of forming a business association to help them better manage this.
  • Coming up: Another self-defense class for women and one for kids. April 11 from 9-1pm at the Highland Recreation Center. Address: 2880 Osceola St. Call DPD 1 to sign up, ask for Denise or Stephanie 720-913-0400.

NEWSED, Ray Stanske & Cee Cee Cervantes

  • Short report of the Amick building renovation. The building has been an ongoing project. They tried for a number of years to switch it to a commercial property, but the market wasn’t right for it. Most of the building is currently vacant and some of it is not safe to enter.
  • Intention now is to redevelop the property and parking lot into 4% tax credit for low-income housing. Concept is to put in 58 units of affordable housing, 36 parking spaces, 32 bike spots, and 480 sf of community space.
  • Facade facing Santa Fe will be preserved. South half of building will be kept, north half will be demolished. Building will be extended north to the Colorado Ballet (over what is currently a parking lot). The old portion of the Amick building will contain one-bedroom units. New building area (over current parking lot) will have a mix of one- and two-bedroom units with a possible rooftop patio and trees (depending on construction costs).
  • Seeking to cater to arts community and minimally paid artists. Offering work/live spaces.
  • Currently under design. Aiming to garner 4% funding by October 2015. CHAFFA must approve it. Update will be available in a couple of months, followed by a public hearing.

LIFELINE, Leo Alirez

  • Gang disengagement and outreach for youths and older individuals. Lifeline works with DICP and invested community safety, particularly in La Alma-Lincoln Park. Gangs here tend to have a militant structure and multigenerational involvement.
  • Recent triple homicide in Adams County is part of the recent increase in gang activity. Gangs originally based in La Alma-Lincoln Park are getting more active along with the rest. GKIs are jumping in younger generation. Older Inca Street Boys are getting out of jail, seeking to reclaim territory. Youths are doing work for older gang members. Somalian refugees have been getting pulled into this movement.
  • Clinical and family component to the approach. Recognizes cultural process. Helps teach skills to utilize time in an effective manner, get work, and get out of the life. Provides consistent messaging.
  • Includes sports-based programs.
  • Crisis line is available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for participants. Most people request pick up from unsafe place and then taking to safe place. Lifeline can put people in protective hiding when person is at high risk from militant structure. Immediate housing with no cell phones and no internet and a seven-day holding period.
  • Also available: tattoo removal, clothing exchanges (to help participants move away from gang colors). Macy’s, Walmart, K-Mart participate by donating gift cards.
  • Currently located in Jefferson, Adams, and Pueblo counties and collaborates with other organizations to relocate to other states.
  • While this is a faith-based program, anyone can be themselves and faith is offered by not required to participate.
  • Question: Should we report tagging (e.g., on utility boxes)? Answer: Yes, it’s best to get it taken down immediately.
  • Question: Will art on walls and other tagging surfaces aggravate them? Answer: The quality of the artwork will deter tagging, as will tying historical, cultural, religious images that resonate with their belief systems.
  • Question: Where are the neighborhood hot spots? 10th & Navajo, gazebo in Lincoln Park, purple towards the north, red towards the south.
  • Question: How can we help? Spread information for upcoming training, pass along any information or concerns to him.


  • 2015 budget to redevelop south playground and sand pit. Playground has reached end of its life span.
  • The desire of community to do master plan will cause elements of current work to move. DP&R will not contemplate this without political will and capital behind it. (City Council ultimately determines what unmet needs will be addressed.)The community needs to participate in guiding City Council to choose what gets funded in future years.)
  • Because of recent high value work done in Lincoln Park, there may be nothing in 2016 “to do” list.
  • There are some misconceptions about what a Master Plan is. The goal is to help DP&R get the most value out of their projects. The current budget for the park is set.
  • Some issues, like lighting at gazebo, could be approach without a master plan. DP&R is willing to talk to recreation center folks to find areas where we can come together and see what we can implement.
  • Large size of DP&R can cause some communication errors. Chris indicates he is here now as the Westside planner to resolve these issues and determine future needs of the park.
  • Chris to set up three community engagement meetings where we can start laying the groundwork for these dialogs. LPNA would like to bring people on board before project break ground. Chris can contact Alyson to get meeting organized within the community.
  • Question: What is on the list of possible plans? Answer: Chris will report back on this issue.
  • Question from Leo (Lifeline): Who can I work with to get access to DP&R resources? Answer: Talk to your City Council member. They will get behind a project and talk to the DP&R higher ups to get the support needed to use resources.


  • Seeking to make a food forest park with fruit trees, nut trees, and berries in public spaces where people can forage for free. A food forest mimics a forest ecosystem.
  • Possible educational and after-school programs, community greenhouse, compost. Multi-language signs. Imagine 2020 is interested in public mural space.
  • Nonprofit being discussed. First meeting was 13 people. Right now, involving community, bringing conversation to people who may be interested, contacting residents to seek support and feedback.
  • Land where Gabrielle’s Garden is (9th & Kalamath) is currently for sale.
  • Next meeting: Meeting March 1st at 7pm at Inspire Life studio (938 west 8th ave).
  • Question: Is this for real? Answer: It’s in the investigation phase.


  • DHA continues to have steering committee meeting about next Mariposa phases.
  • GALS will be adding a new building to the south of their current one. More information available in the next month.

Next meeting: Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at Arts Street (1079 Osage).


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