LPNA Minutes 2015-03-25

Date posted: May 25, 2015

Meeting took place at ArtStreet (1079 Osage) at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, March 25, 2015.

Attendee list: Available upon request.


  • Handout: Maps of crime statistics YTD. Motor vehicle thefts have dissipated. The Umatilla location has been hit twice during this period. Almost all perpetrators are known to the victim. Late model Honda Civics and Accords are targets. (They are easy to steal.) If you have one, you can receive a free “club” from DPD 1. DPD 1 is working with districts 4 and 3 to make major busts. But when one crew is caught, another comes up to fill the gap.
  • DHA parking lots for residents have experienced some thefts and break-ins lately. Likely that these lots will become permit-only (but anyone who lives in the neighborhood can receive a permit). Limiting who can park there tends to deter thefts.
  • Reminder: the Commander’s Advisory Group is the 3rd Monday of the month at 6 PM at DPD 1. The commander provides an overview of what’s happening in the district, news about significant arrests, and breakdown of current crime statisitics.
  • Year-to-date (comparing the 1st 3 months of this year to the 1st 3 months of last year), violent crime is down 38.9% in La Alma-Lincoln Park and property crime is down 31.9%. Part of this result is the tremendous success with narcotics team targeting specific areas.
  • Question: Is there a correlation with Nate’s closure and crime? Answer: Cannot say given broad context of current statistics.
  • Thanks to Councilwoman Judy Montero’s office for all her help with getting us redistricted into DPD District 1 and work toward decreasing grafitti in the alleys .

DHA MARIPOSA, Mark Howard and Ryan

  • Phase 6 (SE corner of 11th & Osage) is taking height with framing of first floor. Currently framing the perimeter units. There will be a parking garage rather than a lot. Delivery/completion of building expected in the fall.
  • Bookends (remaining buildings of projects) are currently fenced off as asbestos abatement takes place. Initial demolition of North bookend beginning as soon as permits are in place. Then DHA will switch over to the South Side abatement and demolition.
  • Phases 7 and 8 for funding purposes and now called 7A and 7B1 (formerly Phase 7, north of Buckhorn Exchange) and 7B2 (formerly Phase 8, 9th Street between Navajo and Mariposa). Phase 7B2 will be 7 stories and will feature 45 seniors-only units on the west side which faces Navajo St. It will also include three townhomes. Phase 7B1 will feature 18 townhomes on eastern half of plot that are mixed income units. Application due in May for funding of phase
  • Question: Is M8 still taking place? Yes, but it is now being called 7B2.
  • Attempting to work with prior residents and current residents.
  • Bookends will create market rate housing (expecting 35-40 units).
  • Question: Can you talk about retail spaces? When completed, Mariposa will feature 30k of Sq Ft of space. Goal is to animate spaces. Recently finalized lease with Catholic Charities to do ECE school. Rocky Mountain Finance in Phase 3 of leasing a space. Lots of ongoing discussions with different tenants. Some Santa Fe tenants expressing interest in the spaces. Tenants currently secured: Bike shop in Phase 7A
  • Question: Will any of the bookends feature low-income units? Answer: This will be up to developer. We ask for up to 25% to be affordable for sale units.
  • Another DHA Community Meeting in April to show plans and see how progress is being made. Will discuss materials on exterior of buildings, et cetera.
  • Question: Are any spaces offered for nonprofits? Answer: Check with Realtor Shames Markovsky to discuss. Ask for Hayden Dierict Fisher.
  • Question: How many total units in development? Answer: Despite planning changes, number of total units have not changed, will still feature 800 units. Prior development feature 200+ units, project will finish with mixed income at triple the density.
  • Question: Concerns ongoing vacancy in commercial spaces and growing stigma of spaces as a vacant area. What is the goals for filling? Do you have a plan b? Answer: Rocky Mountain Financing – Meeting two weeks ago and they are ready to jump into space. M4 – Yoga, easy to use space. Corner round units rental is more challenging, looking for an anchor leasee.
  • Question: At what point should we worry about vacancies?  Answer: Looking to brand all the buildings to animate/activate spaces. Will take place in the next 6-8 months. Our is to get right tenants that have long term stability.
  • Question: Has DHA approached any banks to rent space in site? None located in neighborhood, banking needs are met outside of the community. Answer: DHA willing to look into option to place a bank/credit union in area.

GABRIELLE’S GARDEN (Urbiculture Community Gardens), Emily

  • Mission is to provide food access and food justice, utilizing unused land for community gardens.
  • We sell all of our food at a donation basis. This provides community with fresh access to food.
  • We do workdays for local residents to work together to plant seeds, host classes. Twice a week we host a donation-based market: Wednesday evening and Sat morning.
  • Given current development trends, it is an interesting time for community gardens. Everyone is invite to consider all open spaces and how they can benefit community
  • Question: Do you have any contingency plans if the land at 9th & Kalamath is sold? Answer: We have farms throughout city and do not have any plans going forth in LA-LP. Know we are an asset for neighborhood but no plans right now

MEDICAL OFFICE BUILDING in West Highlands, Sundari Karft

  • Part of our community outreach is with neighborhood associations but also reaching out to all surrounding neighborhoods to gauge interest and to make people aware of the building.
  • Website setup for further research and comprehensive FAQ.
  • Site owned by Ametih Lutheran Property but church has seen recent decline in membership  and decided to rethink mission. Property has been split into two lots. North lot is rezoned for construction of a two-story building that will house medical offices. Goal to serve the grower population in the area. Will feature: OBY-GYN, Pediatriac, Internal Medicine, and a Family Practice. Will be staffed by Lutheran Hospital Employees.
  • Not an ER zone, only for minor emergencies.
  • Adjacent lots with have 74 parking spaces which will be shared with local businesses during the evenings.
  • Hours of medical office building will be 7am to 10pm.
  • Will be opening up a design review process to the community.
  • Interested folks can get in touch through email.
  • Lutheran church is partnering with local builder for construction.

CITY COUNCIL, Judy Montero

  • Has reached her term limits. Retrospective on her contributions.
  • One of the first things we worked on was the Mercado with DHA, NEWSED,  and Sal Carpaccio. Created a resolution to work with neighborhood. Brought in DHA to do a master plan for La Alma-Lincoln Park plan. What was instrumental with this plan was it was the first to include a health impact study.
  • This plan looked at how we can involve everyone in the neighborhood. The garden was one thing I changed. With a plan, you are not shooting in the dark, you have a plan to leverage the City’s resources.
  • Plans will only be as good as the advocacy of the neighborhood.
  • Keeping the La Alma Recreation Center open.
  • Hickenlooper wanted to sell Byers Library and Recreation Center to private sector.
  • We all knew with mass transit, we would need to keep Library and Rec Center.
  • With the election of President Obame, he was immediately looking for shovel-ready projects.The DHA project reflects the tenacity of neighborhood. This was ground zero for civil rights movement. We need you to carry this on in the Neighborhood House. With the Neighborhood House, the thinking was that it was too old and needed to be leveled. We got together to find funds to save and renovate the house.
  • We got bond money to renovate the swimming pool at La Alma.
  • We need to celebrate through diversity and understand how nice it is to have vibrancy.
  • At the end of the day, the residents are the roots which strengthen the community.
  • Coming soon: roll-out trash barrels. We went through many steps with Solid Waste Management to get them put into place with Swansea and Globeville Neighborhoods. We nee to see how nieghborhood can speed up roll out with SWM!
  • Ongoing concern: Grafitti Cleanup. I’ve always worked on redirecting urban destruction. Always think of how you can get alleys turned into active spaces with murals and small businesses.
  • Ongoing concern: How do we get more lights in the alleys? Commander Pazen did a lighting assessment with an aerial and ground survey. One of the big issues is darkness in the neighborhood. Report burnt out lights. Report numbers on light poles for quicked response. In another neighborhood in my District, we walked alley and identified which alleys needed more lights. Remember our lighting survey has been done for the neighborhood, we need to act upon it.
  • Future concern: Figure out the quiet zones in neighborhood. Focus on making it easier for resident to sleep. Upkeep on rail lines by train companies and city.
  • Presentation to Judy: Copy of the American Planners Association Certificate for the naming of La Alma-Lincoln Park as Best Neighborhood in America and a bouquet of mariposas. *Group picture*


  • Membership give you voting rights.
  • Encourage people to join.
  • Way to increase potential of neighborhood.
  • Need to have larger membership base to gain influence.



  • LPNA is going to conduct our own survey of Lincoln Park.
  • Two-page document handed out, will also be available online at lincolnparkneighborhood.org.
  • Need to collect data at various point of the day and night.
  • Asking them questions of why they use the park, at what hours, and for what purpose?
  • Going to park and approaching visitors.
  • We will bring back complete surveys to the next meeting.
  • We need this info to support our involvement in park planning activities.
  • City is conducting community engagement meetings with citizens to understand how their funding and development process goes.
  • We’re looking to see what community wants from their park. P&R is looking for design strategies and how the park works for this neighborhood in the next 20 years.


  • Alyson (Communications Officer), David (President), and Dave (VP) want to continue in current roles.
  • Susan nominates her husband Michael Simon for treasurer. Alyson seconds.
  • David nominates Christine Sprague for Secretary. Michael Simon seconds.
  • Matt nominates all five.
  • All are elected.
  • At upcoming Executive Committee Meeting, we will discuss adding more board members (at-large in particular).
  • Julie North is interested in At-large position.
  • Question: What are the borders? Answer: Colfax Ave, Speer Blvd, South Platte, and 6th Ave.
  • Question: How long has each Board member been in their current position? Answer: David Griggs, President – Two years. This next year will be his last due to term limits in LA-LPNA by-laws. Alyson Crabtree, Communications Officer – One year, will be entering 2rd year. Dave  Stauffer, Vice-President – One year, will be entering 2nd year. Susan Saukas, Treasurer – Stepping down from Role. Saniego Sanchez, Secretary – Stepping down from Role.
  • Anyone interested in a board position, get in touch with us and we will get in touch with them to discuss roles.


  • Growhouses in western half of La Alma-Lincoln Park. We are putting together a a good neighborhood agreement which will be enforceable should they violate the terms of the agreement. Agreement came through City Council. The growhouse, Joshua Station, LPNA, and City Councilwoman are ready to sign it.
  • Concern – issues with traffic control in the area near 8th ave & Wyandot/Grow Facility. Too much illegal parking on blind turns as you head South toward 8th Ave. Despite call to Traffic Department, they did not get back with Susan about concerns. Can this be brought up wiht Grow Facility? We will put her in touch with Steve Charbonare and City to get burgeoning traffic issues resolved.
  • DPL – Byers Library has new librarian: Cecilia. Introduced Plaza Programs for immigrants. 7 denver libraries offer this programming. Wants programs driven by community needs. Tell a neighbor, tell a friend. Seeking to coordinate meaningful programming at the library. Cecilia: consider me a resource for the community. Early literacy, business needs, and teenager programs in place. Community Room for potential meetings
  • Denver Open Media – fundraising breakfast in May, FF event in studio live. Partnering with Westword. Looking for table captains.
  • NEWSED – Cinco de Mayo coming up.
  • Butterfly Walk Update – Met with P&R today. Moving along well with butterflies portion. Working through issues with Parks for suggested paths. Nodes spread out through park. 2nd meeting with Park coming up soon.
  • Gabrielle’s Garden site (9th & Kalamath) will be sold to someone else. Seeking other sites, possibly in Sunken Gardens. Can anyone think of other areas? Frog Hollow Park on 8th

Next meeting: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 at Denver Water (on Shoshone).








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