LPNA Minutes 2015-06-24

Date posted: September 16, 2015

La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting took place at ArtStreet (1079 Osage) at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, June 24, 2015.

Attendee list: Available upon request.


  • Officer’s Report – Denise is on vacation. Lt. Hans Levens reported for her.
  • Burglaries – family/known associates
  • There have been nine (9) new recruits for district 1 in the police force.
  • There has also been a significant increase in automobile thefts. A group responsible for many of these thefts has been identified and the police is partnering with other jurisdictions to address and stop this theft ring.
  • Tips for protecting your car remain important and were reviewed again. All drivers of 90’s model Honda Civics or Accords to go to District One Substation at 1131 W 46th Ave to get a free club to lock your steering wheel. She also encourages drivers of Jeeps and Intrepids to get clubs as well.
  • A free self defense class for women is being offered on July 18. Flyers for this class were distributed.
  • Sergeant Lovato is now the supervisor for Denise Gomez, our community resource officer.

DENVER MOVES, 11th Ave Bike Lane Discussion

  • Denver Moves, a division of Public Works, is looking at the creation of a bike lane on 11th Avenue from Osage to Ogden.
  • They asked for our preference given two options:
    • Option 1: Sharrow – this is a shared lane with markings for bicycles. It maintains the current street parking available.
    • Option 2: Remove parking to create a dedicated bike lane.
  • There was a lot of discussion of the pros and cons of each options. Many folks expressed concern about losing parking especially with the increase in businesses in the area. Others expressed concern about safety when bike lanes are sharing with automobiles. Another concern was raised about the number of people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk.
  • The current plan is to default to sharrow markings and keep the existing parking.
  • Denver Moves and the Association agreed to distribute a survey to a wider audience on preferences for bike lanes before taking any action.
  • The group also briefly discussed upcoming changes to the intersection at 14th and Santa Fe. Due to the high volume of pedestrian traffic, the intersection will be improved to create a safer, more visible crossing for pedestrians on the King Soopers side of the street.


  • Representatives from Denver Health came to discuss upcoming construction of a new comprehensive ambulatory care center at 6th and Bannock.
  • They distributed a survey asking for feedback on consumer preferences to help them plan the new center. The overall goal is to create an all-inclusive space for medical consumers. This would allow you to see your primary care doc, any specialists, and receive other services (lab, radiology, pharmacy, etc) all in the same building. This would be similar to several of the Kaiser Permanente clinics throughout town. Our 2nd annual party in the park has been set.
  • Currently, they are hoping to begin construction in 2017 and open the new complex in 2019.
  • If you would like to participate in the ongoing planning/feedback process, contact Daniella Brown Daniella.Brown@dhha.org or Amy.Friedman@dhha.org.


  • Chris came to discuss Lincoln Park. He indicated that they have assessed the park structures and need to remove several of the old picnic tables due to disrepair. The goals is twofold: first to remove the tables and benches for a period of time to change the usage patterns in the park as it is currently used often by persons engaging in drug or alcohol use or sales and second to upgrade the park structures. Participants in the meeting suggested that the benches across from Denver Inner City Parish should also be removed as they are very often used by drug/alcohol impaired persons.
  • Chris mentioned there will be a three month public engagement phase to seek inputs regarding preferences and planning for the park.
  • Construction changes are currently planned for early next spring.
  • $350,000 has been earmarks for the playground area. Different funding may be available for other projects.
  • Look for upcoming public meetings for park inputs in NextDoor or the LPNA email listserv or website at www.lincolnparkneighborhood.org/


  • Michael reported that we served 550 meals during the party in the park on June 20th.
  • The party was well attended and appeared to be enjoyed by all. A slide show of photos from the party was shown.

ARTS STREET ANNOUNCEMENT – Call for volunteers, Stella

  • Stella mentioned that Arts Street has recently secured a grant through the Rose Foundation called Creative Youth Can Fly. The grant directs the youth to develop a master art plan – emphasis and learning about urban design, economic development and encouragement of pedestrian traffic on 10th street from the light rail station at 10th and Osage towards Santa Fe.
  • She is working towards a goal of art installations and a parade in July 2016 to highlight the project.
  • She asked for adult volunteers to facilitate/encourage/chaperone the youth in a door-to-door survey process. The youth in the project will be soliciting community members for feedback on what they would like to see on 10th street.



  • David indicated he will contact Paul Lopez, our new city council member, and ask him to attend our next LPNA meeting.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm

Next meeting: Wednesday, July 22, 2015, 6:30pm, at ArtsStreet.

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