LPNA Minutes 2016-06-22

Date posted: September 19, 2016

La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting took place at North Lincoln Midrise Community Room at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, June 22, 2016.

Attendee list: Available upon request.

DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT, CRO Rob Gibbs, Officer Gray and City Attorney Emily Reisdorph

  • Emily Reisdorph came to present about concerns regarding motorcycles gathering at Circle K on weekend nights. They are extremely noisy and speed on Colfax. Police have difficulties enforcing these issues as they are often gone before police arrive as they are usually noisiest when they are speeding away from the area where they’ve gathering to meet up for a ride.
  • Along with that, businesses often don’t enforce loitering rules on their properties due to risk of retaliation.
  • Emily encouraged calls to 311. Repeated complaints for the same area increase chances of involvement by city officials.
  • Office Gibbs reminded the group that personal fireworks of any kind are not permitted in the Denver city limits.


  • Dora provided an update regarding the playground revamping scheduled for Lincoln Park.
  • She has been pushing for hard surfaces in the playground area instead of wood chips. The primary reason for this push is safety. Due to drug use in the area, paraphernalia, esp. used syringe needles are discarded in the park and would be difficult to detect in wood chips. Of course, cost is the inhibiting factor. Hard surfaces are significantly more expensive than woodchips.
  • Councilman Paul Lopez Along also supports the push for a hard surface and is working with us to get that changed.
  • The Parks department has added high definition cameras around the recreation center in Lincoln Park to deter crime, especially drug dealing, in that area.
  • Increased security is also being discussed for the Sunken Gardens.
  • A new project titled “Re-imagine Play” has been approved for installation at Pancho Sanchez Park, located at Clofax just west of I-25. For more details about Re-imagine Play, go to https://www.denvergov.org/content/denvergov/en/denver-parks-and-recreation/planning/re-imagine-play.html
  • Dora encouraged increased use of all our parks to activate those areas with area neighbors.
  • Neighbors suggested additional trash cans are needed, especially at the park corners, to reduce littering.
  • A neighbor with a walker indicated that walking at Lincoln Park is difficult due to the unevenness of the sandstone sidewalks and asked that sidewalks be replaced with a more even surface such as concrete to accommodate people with walkers, wheelchairs and strollers.
  • Another neighbor suggested seeking one of the several $10,000 grants for signage that are available for historic Denver to add some historic and engaging signage for our parks.

DENVER, INC – Dave Stauffer

  • Dave encouraged neighborhood engagement in Denver INC. INC stands for Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation.
  • There are several committees seeking member participants, including committees on transportation, public safety and education, and zoning and planning.
  • The focus of this organization is inter-neighborhood cooperation and holding the city accountable to Denver residents.
  • New resident, Felix Herzog, agreed to serve as a delegate to Denver INC for Lincoln Park.
  • For more information regarding Denver INC, check out their website at http://www.denverinc.org/

COPIRG – Danny Katz

  • Danny Katz, State Director for COPIRG, Colorado Public Interest Research Group, presented an ballot initiative for November regarding campaign spending on municipal elections.
  • This initiative would increase transparency on where monies come from for municipal elections.
  • It was also create a new path for funding via small donations. This program, called the Fair Elections Fund, would match small donations 9:1. It would be paid through a $2 million annual fund from the city.
  • It was also create a business and LLC ban on giving money directly to a candidate and lower overall contribution limits.


  • Mark Howard was not available for tonight’s meeting. He provided Alyson Crabtree with the following updates.
  • The parking lot just north of 10th and Osage is being evaluated at the future site for the DHA headquarters. The current thinking is to host retail on the main floor at that site and build up to 12 stories for DHA offices.
  • The housing being built at 11th and Mariposa must provide at least 10% of the units as under market “path to home ownership” rowhouses.
  • Phase 2 of Maripost includes a band shell for Youth on Record at 10th and Navaho. This has created a skateboarding problem in the courtyard. DHA is recommending a skate park be built in Lincoln Park to move the skateboarders to the park.


  • One of the resident from the North Lincoln Midrise expressed concerns regarding the Circle K at Colfax and Mariposa, their next door neighbors.
  • Residents from North Lincoln often walk through the Circle K parking lot to go to McDonald’s, just to the west of Circle K.
  • They’ve noted significant differences in cleanliness and loitering between the two businesses. McDonald’s does a much better job of keeping their property clean and sanitary and free from excessive loitering.
  • Circle K, on the other hand, often has trash all over the property. This trash occasionally spills over into their property despite the tall fence separating the properties.
  • They also have a significant problem with loitering and the gathering a large groups of motorcyclists. This leads to excessive noise and safety concerns for neighbors.
  • The residents at the Midrise wrote a letter to city council in 2015. They also worked with the prior CRO, Denise Gomez, who tried to increase involvement by the Circle K management. All with no noticeable change to the area.
  • Councilman Paul Lopez will be coming to the resident council meeting at the Midrise on June 27th to discuss this issue as well.
  • CRO Rob Gibbs encouraged other neighbors to routinely walk through the area and report any trash problems, with photos if possible, to 311. He also indicated that off-duty police officers have been providing security at the Circle K during higher crime concern times.
  • David Keough, LPNA member, agreed to attend the Midrise resident meeting as well to see what else the whole neighborhood association can do to support our neighbors at North Lincoln.


  • None

Next meeting: Wednesday  July 27, 2016, 6:30pm. Location TBD.

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