LPNA Minutes 2016-07-27

Date posted: September 19, 2016

La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting took place at former West High School campus at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, July 27, 2016.

Attendee list: Available upon request.

DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT – CRO Rob Gibbs, Robert.Gibbs@denvergov.org

  • Burglaries from detached garages are more common. Bikes are the most frequently stolen item from garages. Be sure your garage door closes before you leave. You might also want to lock up your bicycles even when they’re secured inside your garage.
  • Burglaries to homes increase during the summer due to easier access. Please keep doors and windows locked. Even small doggy doors can be used to access homes. If you want to keep windows open for a breeze, get a locking mechanism to prevent a cracked window from being opened wide enough to allow a human to squeeze through and into the house.
  • A free self-defense class is being offered to women on Saturday, August 13th. There are currently 8 slots still available. The class is on Saturday morning from 9:30am to 1:30am at the Rude Rec Center. Women who have taken past classes all indicated it was excellent and encouraged participation.
  • There were 37 felony arrests and two gun recoveries today along the Cherry Creek and Platte River walking paths. This is the culmination of extensive work to address the heroin trade in these areas.


  • Principals from the West High programs provided a history and current status of West High.
  • West High School is currently a single campus that housing three different schools. There are 1400 students, ranging in ages from 10 to 21. Students come from all over Denver.
  • The traditional West High was phased out and reorganized as two schools with smaller class sizes. The schools host grades 6 – 12.
    • West Leadership Academy has an Advanced Placement (AP) focus.
    • West Early College allows dual enrollment with college courses so that students graduate with an Associates Degree along with their High School diploma. They have two tracks – computer programming and bio-medical.
  • Principals encouraged neighbors to share any concerns or ideas they might have to help be good neighbors. One neighbor asked about the campus rules regarding going off campus during school hours. The principals indicated that all the programs as West are ‘closed campus’ and no student should be loitering in the nearby parks or neighborhoods during school hours. Neighbors were encouraged to call the school if the witnessed kids hanging out during school hours.
  • They also asked for neighbors to volunteer to serve as mentors for their students. A mentor would be partner with a child for their school career.
  • On Tuesdays in the mornings, West High hosts tours of the schools, led by a West High Historian.
  • West High has the largest Alumni Association west of the Rockies.

EPA – Laura Farris, Farris.Laura@epa.gov

  • There are different types of air pollution and health effects due to pollution.
  • Persons are at greater risk of those effects if they live within 500-600 feet of a major road.
  • The Colorado Dept of Public Health and Environment monitors levels of
    • Ozone
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Nitrogen Dioxide
    • Fine Particulate Matter
  • A new website section now provides pollution data and possible health effects by specific location
  • For our neighborhood, go to http://www.colorado.gov/airquality/advisory.aspx#Addendum
  • In Colorado, the annual average temperature has increased 2.5 degrees over the past 50 years. This causes increased droughts and fires in Colorado.
  • Health concerns due to increased temperatures include
    • Increased pollen production
    • Increased smoke from wildfires
    • Increased difficulty for persons with compromised respitory and circulatory systems
  • Adaption Strategies include
    • Community education regarding the increased health risks
    • Promoting ‘cooling centers’ for vulnerable populations
  • The group was asked for suggestions regarding best places to locate cooling centers.

WATER SENSE – Melissa Payan, Payan.Melissa@epa.gov

  • Since 2006, Water Sense has saved 1.5 trillion gallons of water, saving consumers $212 billion.
  • Melissa encouraged us all to look for Water Sense products when making home improvement decisions. There are over 17,000 such products.
  • Specific ideas presented to save water include
    • Switching to a lowflow toilets, faucents and shower heads – there is a rebate available for consumers who do so.
    • Follow irrigation guidelines provided by Denver Water. Rebates for irrigation controllers are also available
    • Convert areas of grass to xeriscaping


  • The Denver Historic Action Fund allows neighborhoods to hire a consultant to identify design parameters in a neighborhood.
  • This allows us to capture and maintain the legacy of the neighborhood.
  • Goals of this project are to shape the future of the neighborhood and protect La Alma Lincoln Park from being so vulnerable tand powerless to the will of future developers.
  • Volunteers are being sought to help write a grant to fund this project.
  • If you’re interested, please contact David Griggs.


  • KaBOOM! is a national non-profit dedicated to ensuring all children has access to safe places to play.
  • KaBOOM! offers grants to build engaging plays spaces in neighborhoods in need.
  • Teresa Castaneda, a LaAlma Lincoln Park neighbor is applying for a grant to rebuild the pavilion in Sunken Gardens to support storytellingscene and a photo booth using recycled materials.
  • Teresa requested a letter of support from the Assocation. All agreed this was a great idea and Alyson agreed to draft a letter ASAP.
  • Several ideas regarding the look of the photo pop-ups were also provided. Ideas focused on ways to show the history of the neighborhood.

ACCESS LA ALMA LOT PARTY –  Kelsey Mischke, Kelsey@openmediafoundation.org

  • During August’s First Friday, August 5th, from 5:30pm to 9:30pm, Open Media Foundation will be hosting a gathering for La Alma Lincoln Park residents to celebrate the diversity of the neighborhood.
  • Music, comedy, free food and drinks will be provided.
  • There will also be tables for nonprofit groups in the neighborhood.


  • The Upper Santa Fe Neighbors Association (USFN) will be hosting their second annual community appreciation event.
  • Saturday, August 6th, from 4pm to 6pm at the Volunteers of America building.
  • This year, the group is honoring VOA and the King Soopers manager at 14th and Santa Fe.
  • The King Soopers manager did several things to benefit the neighborhood this past year, including giving warm jackets to the homeless.


  • None

Next meeting: Wednesday  August 24, 2016, 6:30pm. Location TBD.

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