LPNA Minutes 2017-05-24

Date posted: June 26, 2017

La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood Association
Monthly Meeting Minutes

Meeting took place at Greenlee Elementary School at 6:40 PM on Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

Attendee list: Available upon request.

DENVER POLICE DEPARTMENT, Officer Robert Gibbs, Robert.gibbs@denvergov.org

  •  Officer Gibbs talked about a vehicle ‘report card’ program CROs are currently engaged in. They’re walking through open parking lots and looking into cars just as a potential thief might do. They then leave you a ‘report card’ based on what they see with advise if they see items that are often targeted by thieves.
  • Almost all garage break ins are through an unlocked pedestrian door. Please keep the door to your garage locked, even when you’re home, to prevent this type of theft.
  • 90% of home burglaries occur during the daytime. Entry is often gained through an unlock door or window. Be sure to keep your door s and windows locked. If you want to keep your windows open for the breeze, be sure they are still secure/locked so that can’t be opened wider to allow entry.
  • Dogs and music are both good deterrents for home burglaries.
  • The ACE charter school on Santa Fe Drive did not get reapproved. Next year will be its last year of operation.
  • Brush clearing along Cherry Creek will be completed from 6th avenue up through all of district 1 to deter dur use along the creek.

GO BOND PROPOSAL FOR SANTA FE DRIVE – George Lim, business owner on Santa Fe

  • Mark Raeburn was unable to attend. George Lim came in his place and encouraged members to continue attending meetings.
  • The process has moved from the sub-committee to the Executive committee level. This committee has not heard from us so we need to continue participation.
  • Michael Simon agreed to continue organizing participation for the remaining meetings.
  • Rachel Ohene agreed to attend as a representative of the Sustainable Neighborhood Group. David Keough agreed to go as well.
  • The latest updated notes that the Santa Fe is in the top of the B pool list. We’d like to get moved to the A pool as that group is most likely to get funding.
  • Adriana from Councilman Lopez’s office also provided some information. She indicated that the executive committee is selected by the mayor to make the final recommendation for funding. These final recommendations, once put forth, must ultimately be approved by the city council and the mayor.
  • The GO bond priorities are as follows:
    1. Neighborhood traffic safety
    2. Increased overall walk ability/bike ability of neighborhood
    3. Community activation.
  • Neighbors were encouraged to highlight that the Santa Fe project meets all those priorities and to mention the need for neighborhood equity.

SANTA FE BID PROJECT – Robbi Farschman,  info.santafebid@gmail.com

  • Robbi indicated that the Santa Fe Business Improvement District (BID) received a $10,000 grant through the PS You Are Here program. They will be matching this fund with their own $10,000.
  • They indicated they’ll be looking for input from neighbors regarding how to best use these funds to improve Santa Fe Drive.
  • David Griggs suggested it would be nice to have new banners on the poles between 6th and Colfax all along Santa Fe. This is challenging to get installed as there are restrictions from the city regarding who can install the banners along with a need to get permission from Xcel as Xcel owns the poles.
  • If you’re interested in this process, email your name to the email above to get signed up on their listserve.

DENVER SUSTAINABLE NEIGHBORHOOD UPDATE – Rachel Ohene, Rachel.ohene@gmail.com

  • A Composting workshop has been scheduled for Wednesday, June 14, at 6pm at the Elati Gardens. Along with outdoor compost training, there will be training specifically for a specialized indoor composting technique called Bokashi Anaerobic composting.
  • Composting will be one of our primary focuses for this year.  Composting reduces methane emissions from landfills and lowers your carbon footprint
  • We are currently looking at coordinating with large communities, such as schools, businesses and apartment complexes to encourage composting.
  • We are also researching options for expanding the composting pick up program to include all the streets in the neighborhood so that all residents will have the opportunity to compost.
  • Denver currently estimates that 50% of waste that goes to the landfill is compostable.
  • Happy hour has been scheduled for July 11th at Chuey Fus.
  • A citywide BBQue for all participating sustainable neighborhoods has been scheduled for July 23rd..

LPNA BOARD NOMINATIONS – Lisa Shusko, Vice President, lincolnparkneighbors@gmail.com

  • Dora Aragon withdrew her name from consideration for the Board.
  • The remaining slate of nominees were presented. No new nominees were brought forth. It was moved, seconded and approved that the slate of nominees be elected to serve as board members for the 2017/18 session.
  • The following slates of nominees were elected:
    • President – Christine Sprague
    • Vice President – Lisa Shusko
    • Secretary – Alyson Crabtree
    • Treasurer – Michael Simon
    • At Large – Roger Callender
    • At Large – Sheila Cassil
    • At Large – Tyler Stanley
    • At Large – Aubrey Lavizzo
    • At Large – David Griggs


  • Adrianna from Councilman Lopez’s office indicated that the city recently rejecting a construction proposal for the 1211-1227 Santa Fe Drive site. This site is zoned for an 8 story building.

Next meeting: Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 6:30pm, at Emily Griffith Technical College on Osage Street.

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