Opportunity for La Alma-Lincoln Park to Reclaim our River’s Edge

Date posted: April 17, 2014

Is the timing right for La Alma-Lincoln Park to reclaim it's western half?

Is the timing right for La Alma-Lincoln Park to reclaim it’s western half?

After receiving this flyer and letter (dated 4/9/2014), I suddenly realized the incredible opportunity this site creates for the La Alma-Lincoln Park to reconnect with it’s western half of the neighborhood, and the exciting new amenities that will surround this location.  As the map can show, La Alma-Lincoln Park  stretches between the Cherry Creek and South Platte River. It also  illustrates how the neighborhood is divided by the railroad tracks: East is mixed, but largely residential, and west is home to Denver Water, Martin Marietta Materials (you’ve seen the cement trucks), some non-profits and other industrial/business uses. Our neighborhood connections between the two are limited to 13th Ave  RR crossing and the 8th Ave viaduct.  The property that is now being marketed as ” a rare opportunity to own an infill corner lost in Central Denver, with great access to downtown, I-25, and 6th Ave Freeway.”

In addition, there are a few other things in the works that make this property more interesting.

  • Close proximity to the Platte River Trail, a the great launching point offered for many of our city’s avid cyclists, includes Sun Valley Riverfront Park currently under construction.
    Click Image for More Info

    Click Image for More Info

  • The Redevelopment of DHA’s Sun Valley Homes plans to strongly connect to the light rail station that just opened near it’s borders of Colfax and Federal. The redevelopment site is close enough to station to matter. The effort around the new stop should be similar to what is happening on this side of the tracks with Mariposa, a mixed-use, mixed income, community building design. Click HERE to see the whole plan.Vision Sun Valley
    Click for Larger View

    Click for Larger View

  • The northern side of the Station Area takes into account the significant asset of Mile High Stadium and plans to build on the few historic buildings left on Lower Colfax to build a destination that moves well beyond game day parking.
    Click for Larger Image

    Click for Larger Image

  • Metro State University has already completed a lot of work on the Athletic Complex that should also prove to be an amenity for the neighborhood, as well as help bridge the barrier running through our borders.
    MSU Athletic Fields

    Click Image for more Info

Admittedly, 13th Ave doesn’t offer the best access for multi-modal transportation right now, but the Sun Valley Plan puts some emphasis on the connection, and the city seems to be aware of the areas’ needs. Cooperation with the railroad is a frequently cited issue, but the Emily Griffith move to Osage Street could offer some improvement sooner than later.

This is an exciting time for La Alma-Lincoln Park!

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