Police District 1 CAG Minutes 2014-11-17

Date posted: November 20, 2014

The third Monday of every month, Commander Pazen of District 1 holds a Commander’s Advisory Group meeting to inform citizens about crime trends and major incidents and get input on concerns.

Meeting was held at District 1 HQ on Monday, November 17, 2014 at 6 PM.

City-wide stats YTD (compared to YTD this time last year)

  • Violent crime down 2.5%.
  • Property crime down 9.3%.
  • Self-initiated crime (e.g., drug use, weapons posession) up 38%.

District 1 stats YTD (compared to YTD this time last year)

  • Violent crime down 12%. District 1 leads the city in violent crime reduction.
  • Property crime down 9.7%.

Package theft (e.g., off of porches)

  • There was recently a raft of package thefts in the Sloan’s Lake neighborhood. These came to the attention of the police, not from incident reports, but because a neighbor alerted them to conversations discussing the issue on Nextdoor.com.
  • Package theft tends to increase around the holidays. And yet it often goes unreported.
  • The personal responsible in the Sloan’s Lake incidents was caught when a neighbor’s security camera caught her and police recognized her from other encounters. She was immediately arrested.
  • Note that whenever there is a crime, incident reports are needed from victims. In this case, even if the thief was recognized, the police could not arrest her without victims’ formal complaints.
  • Strategies to prevent package theft:
    • Have packages sent to your place of business.
    • Request in advance from the deliver company that they get receipts for deliveries.
    • Work with your neighbors to retrieve your packages during the day and hold them until you get home.

Puffers (unattended and idling vehicles)

  • Every year, the police do a big campaign to educate vehicle owners about the risks. Last year, they had a generous grace period in wish they issued only warnings. This year, that grace period will be significantly shortened and tickets will be issued.
  • In the previous 7 days, 5 puffers were stolen in District 1.
  • These vehicles usually end up used in other crimes.
  • Puffing encourages theft, and enables escalations of crime severity.
  • Is it illegal to puff? No matter what, no puffing when parked on the street.
  • What if you have a remote start? Remote starts may only be used on private property (driveways). Not on cars parked on the street.


  • Ongoing issue. When you see it, report it 311 to simply have it painted over. To report damages, file an incident report with the police.
  • New record: Police recently caught one guy who has done $66K of damage, with another 9K suspected.

Women’s self-defense class.

  • Next one is at the Berkeley rec center (NW Denver) on Jan 31.

Recent La Alma-Lincoln Park incident

  • Offcr Gerald Sloan conducted an investigation near Speer and Colfax with lead to the seizure one pound of heroine  & 9k cash.
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