Report Graffiti from your smartphone

Date posted: December 22, 2013

It was a beautiful morning for a nice long walk with the dogs, and because I had my smartphone with me, I used it to file a handful of Denver 311 requests for the removal of graffiti that I found on our route.

One of the best and simplest means to reduce more serious crime is to demonstrate that there are eyes on the neighborhood. Everything from potholes to litter and dumping to broken windows, if these things are noticed and addressed quickly, then folks who are up to no good tend to move on to areas where they feel they are less likely to be noticed.

The city of Denver provides a free service where they will come and paint over graffiti. I have had great success with it, and the tagging is usually gone within a couple of days. To file a request,
* Call 311, or
* Go the city’s 311 website, or
* If you have a smartphone, use the Denver 311 app.

iPhone users, go here.
Android users, go here.

The advantage of the smart phone app is that you can have it automatically grab the location of the issue from your phone’s GPS, saving you a bunch of time in filling out the form. You can choose to provide your contact information or file the request anonymously. Today, I filed graffiti clean-up requests for 6 dumpsters, 2 traffic light poles, and a garage.

When the weather gets a little a nicer, I’d like to do a longer a graffiti walk on a sunny weekend afternoon. Anyone who wants to join and can bring a smartphone, we’ll pick a few blocks and walk the streets and alleys together, reporting any 311 issues as we go.

Anyone who is interested in this activity, feel free to shoot me a message. Or, if you know you can’t join but would like us pay special attention to your area, send me the location.

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